Friday, June 27, 2014

Dubai was cool, but I've Ghana'way!


First glimpse of Accra

In traffic in Accra
First things first - I survived the 13 hour flight to Dubai, the 12 hour layover in Dubai, and the 8 hour flight to Accra! :) The travelling is officially over, and I am soo glad I am no longer cramped in a too small seat on a plane for hours at a time although I did meet some very nice people along the way. However, now the real adventure begins.

 I am currently laying on my single bed underneath a white mosquito net that is draped on all four sides of the bed (see photo below) with a ceiling fan desperately trying to churn the muggy air - it's semi-working in that at least it is somewhat cooler than outside in the blazing sun but it's clearly inevitable that I will always be coated in a thin layer of sweat here. We arrived in Ghana a few hours ago - and have since briefly explored the grounds surrounding the University of Ghana, exchanged some of our US dollars for Ghanaian cedis and shopped at the local convenience store and street market (just for some much needed water and internet so far). Now we are just resting in our rooms at the International Student Hostel (fondly called "ISH" ) until we have a brief orientation at 6PM. Then, the next three days will be our formal orientation - including everything from health and safety to 'twi' lessons (local language) to dance classes! I am glad we have this time now to somewhat recover from all the travelling. I am doing well - a little tired, a little homesick but mostly wanting to know what tomorrow will bring here in West Africa as so much still seems unknown!

For now, take a look at some of the photos I've taken on my travels thus far. Please send your love and keep me and the other students in your prayers!

Love and blessings,

Our humble abode:)

Dubai airport

Aquarium in the Dubai mall

Me by this crazy fountain in the Dubai mall

Men walk around in these outfits to show they are Emirates

The tallest buildling in the world!

BEST hazelnut gelato!

Water and light show in front of the 'tallest building in the world'

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